Rysz Storage Battery Company
Serving Fairfield County since 1922

Quality Car Batteries in Wilton & Norwalk, CT

Rysz Storage Battery Company was established in 1922 by Josef Rysz. He began selling batteries and offering a battery storage service. Back then most people didn't use their vehicles through the winter. He would go to a customer's house in late fall and remove the battery from their vehicle, store and service it through the winter and reinstall it in the spring.

    From there automotive repair was born. Second and third generation Rysz's, Dave and Paul Sr. continued selling batteries and also offered repair service. Judging by the testimonial of our customers (and our personal experience) they were very good at what they did.

    In 1994 Paul Sr. decided to focus his efforts on the specialty battery market. Although our repair customers didn't necessarily agree with it, he followed through. And thus the Rysz Storage Battery Company you see today was born. A mom & pop one of a kind store with the best battery & battery accessory selection in Wilton, Norwalk, and all of Fairfield County, CT.

    Today Rysz Storage Battery Company is run by 4th generation Rysz's Tom and Tim. With literally hundreds of different batteries in stock and thousands more available, we can help with nearly whatever you may need. Beyond that we stock a large inventory of wire, wiring accessories and a complete line of Streamlight Flashlights.